vMy name is Joanna.

My name has been pronounced by many different people of many different origins. It always sounds distinctive to how I got used to hearing it for most part of my life. I always thought of myself more as European rather than Polish; having such an international name it was not difficult at all.

But my roots deeply defines who I am, even my attachment to Polish pronunciation of my first name can speak for it. The more I am out of my country, the more I discover how Polish I really am.

Apart from my nationality, there is also one thing that had a profound impact on my personality. I am an English teacher, who had a chance to work with many different people over my 5-year active teaching experience: young, old, Polish, Spanish, CEOs, accountants, miners, disabled… They all contributed to who I became: a restless explorer seeking ways to improve life, so that every second counts as worthy.

Perhaps that is why, so far, I have lived in three different countries, and made home in none of them. I have lived through almost 30 years of my live, which means that, according to behavioral studies of a human being, both my id and my soma (mind and body) should be fully developed by now. However, judging from my recent nomad syndrome and purposefully aim galore way of living, I am as far from it as any person could ever be. I am stuck between the awe stage of a three-year-old and the enthusiastic stage of a seven-year-old. But is it bad?

Has personal development got an expiration date? Do we stop evolving at some point of our lives? Most people fiercely believe in the fact that our development is non-finite, with which statement I also strongly agree.

If that is the case, why so many people (and I mainly refer to hundreds of aunts that I am lucky to possess :)) ask me why I am not married nor have children? Why are they utterly surprised when I told them that I quit my job to enroll on the European Union Project that lasted only a year? Why is it so shocking that my career path is not yet stone-hard established, and that I have no idea where I am going to be next year?

If we believe that we develop all the time, why people are afraid to change their unhealthy relationships, why are they stuck with habits that they themselves do not approve of, why are so many of us terrified of anything that is new and unknown, whilst being drawn to the idea of repetitive lifestyle that most of us call “adulthood”?

I am no different. I am afraid of changes, I am afraid of failures and mistakes. But I believe in evolution of both: body and mind. I want to discover new possible ways of living life fully and with everlasting contentment.

I am a person who wants to make a difference, but has yet no clear idea how to make it happen. Here, at the beginning of my path, I only know that I am capable of doing it.

And so I will…


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Joanna! After reading through some of your posts and your bio, I am incredibly inspired by your mission of self-improvement. I have a blog encouraging optimistic perspective and am currently at the beginning of the blog world. I would absolutely love to feature one of your amazing posts under my “guest blog” tab with your permission along with a link to your blog. 🙂 Just let me know and have a splendid day!

    • Hi Amber. Thank you for your kind words. I read your blog, and I am impressed, it would be fantastic to write for you, as I hope one day you can write something for me too if you’d like this idea. I will contact you privately on your e-mail to discuss further cooperation. Good day to you, too 🙂

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